GoJak-4520 Super-Slick 专为赛车行业开发的移动千斤顶

GoJak-4520 Super-Slick 专为赛车行业开发的移动千斤顶

GoJak 4520毫不费力地抬起并移动轮胎,宽度达20英寸,高达36英寸。 该单位将处理1,125磅的轮重(四个单元可达4,500磅)。 每个轮轴上的双滚轮将轮胎平稳地向上引导并通过轮轴支撑杆来提升更宽的轮胎。 GoJak 4520自动千斤顶/自动小车装置为千斤顶部分使用双向线性棘轮,并具有5度偏置踏板角度,用于额外的脚到轮胎间隙。

Model G4520

Max Vehicle Weight – 4500 lbs
Max Weight Per Tire – 1125 lbs
Max Tire Width – 20″
Max Tire Diameter – 36″
Casters – (4) 3″ GF Nylon ANSI 2012 Cert
Rollers – (2) 1.0″ Diameter Steel Roller per Axle
Package? Weight – 42 lbs

Additional information
Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 26 x 6.5 in

Easily position race cars and wide tire vehicles
Dolly to move vehicles up to 4,500 lbs & tire widths up to 20”
The Model 4520 Super-Slick was developed for the race car industry. You can effortlessly lift and move cars with tires as wide as 20 inches and up to 36 inches tall. The unit will handle wheel weights of 1,125 lbs. (up to 4,500 lbs with four units). Twin rollers on each axle guide the tire smoothly up and over the axle support bar to lift wider tires.  This auto jack / auto dolly unit uses a bi-directional linear ratchet for the jack portion and has a 5-degree offset pedal angle for additional foot-to-tire clearance.